I'm an Machine Learning Engineer specializing in Computer Vision , A Pythonist and a Foss Enthusiast.

My interests includes Image Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Open Source and Reversible Computing. I enjoy deploying Machine Learning solutions to edge devices such as Nvidia Jetson Nano, Raspberrypi, Intel Movidus, Google Coral and Edge TPU.

I mostly code in Python, C++ & can take up technologies quite faster.

I've worked with Onepanel as a ML Engineer, Leadics as a ML Engineer, Cognitive Machines as a Image Processing Engineer, and Sigtuple Technologies as a AI Engineer Trainee. I've also interned at Makein3D, JMoonTech, and BrigoshaTech.

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Assam University, Silchar in 2017. I'm also a Amazon Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.

I've also done Consulting work with SimpliLearn , LearnKarts and RepayZ
and deliver Corporate Trainings on Python, Machine Learning, Data Sciene, Computer Vision. When I'm not busy hacking, I study recent papers on ML, CV, work on Community Events , attend Hackathons.

I've won LivHack 2019, DBS Hack2Hired 2019, Kreate 2019 and Accenture Digital Hackup - 2019.
Currently i'm running FOSS-Assam , an Non-Profit organisation working towards imparting technical knowledge in North Eastern India.

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